Expert preparation for college musical theater and acting program auditions.

MTCA draws upon 23 years of experience to guide and support you through the rigorous college acting or musical theatre application and audition process. We work with you to create a personalized coaching plan based on your individual needs and goals. You will receive one-on-one coaching and guidance through the entire process from your own personal team of expert teaching artists.

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Josephson, Mataya - Pace MT

I just finished my third (yes third!) time having a child go through the college process with MTCA and my only sorrow is that I don’t have a younger child to do it again because these people are the best! I am an educator, and I run a school. I am not easily impressed by people claiming to be college experts and am not easily impressed by all teachers as hiring, firing and inspiring teachers is what I do for a living. From our first meeting I knew that we had stumbled upon our guardian angels. It would be easy for a group like MTCA to only select the most talented or promising kids with whom to work. But instead they accept all kids and work with them to find the right fit for their academic and artistic needs while doing the best that they can to develop their skills. Every kid matters at MTCA.  My daughters’ coaches all were professional and helped them grow as artists. They held them to high standards, made them stretch to exceed what they even believed possible and did it with kindness and compassion that made my girls feel understood and supported. I always felt that the girls got more than what we paid for with coaching sessions.  If you are looking for educators who care about your child as an artist and as a person and who will go the extra mile, MTCA is your right fit!

Anne Josephson, mother of Mataya Josephson, Pace MT ’19
Klein, Peter - Michigan MT

It’s hard to put into words how much MTCA has changed my life over the past year. With their help, I accomplished so much more than I ever could have imagined.  They helped me choose original material that not only perfectly showcased my individuality and artistic potential, but more importantly, that I loved.  Next year, I’ll be studying Musical Theatre at the University of Michigan with four other MTCA kids in my class, and I believe that number speaks for itself.  I could not be more thankful for this remarkable company of teachers and mentors.

Peter Klein, Michigan MT ’19
Bahng, Connie - Ithaca MT

What I love most about MTCA is that it extends beyond our individual coaches; we are a family that sticks together through countless auditions and supports each others’ successes wholeheartedly. I will miss singing 16 and 32 bar cuts, dissecting Shakespeare, and hearing, “5,6,7,8!” But mostly, I will miss all of the moments I’ve spent laughing, learning, and growing with my coaches and my new friends.

Connie Bahng, Ithaca MT ’19
Sobieski, Hannah - Elon MT

Every parent in this crazy process starts with the same fear – “Will my child find a ‘home’ for their college years?” Thanks to MTCA, that anxiety became knowledge, preparation and confidence not only for Hannah, but also for her mom and me as we handled the mountain of administrative duties. Our family couldn’t imagine getting to the finish line without the support and guidance of the entire MTCA team. I’ll say unequivocally that once things kicked into high gear, our stress level was minimized thanks to MTCA’s expertise. In the end, Hannah had multiple options, made many new friends, and we can’t wait to refer more students to MTCA!

Doug Sobieski, father of Hannah Sobieski, Elon MT ’19

This was my second time going through this process, and I am so thrilled I was able to work with MTCA this time around! Being on the west coast, I took advantage of mock auditions in San Diego and hours of Skype coaching. My coaches obviously helped me prepare audition material, but provided me with an equally important sense of confidence and self worth that helped me take control of the room at each audition. The results of coaching with MTCA reach far beyond the amount of college acceptances – they’ve provided me with skills I’ll use in college and beyond, and I’m forever grateful!

Chris Goodwin, Shenandoah MT ’18
Echausse, Lauren - PSU MT

MTCA was without a doubt, the best decision I made when it came to preparing for my college audition process. Applying to college is hard enough, and auditioning for a theater program is even more challenging. If it wasn’t for MTCA, I would not be the performer I am today. Every lesson that I went to was filled with so much positivity. I always left with a smile on my face and a game plan as to how I could improve for the next time. MTCA give ample opportunities to practice your material in front of groups in masterclasses and mock auditions, and in doing so allows you to meet other people who are just as passionate about theater as you are.  MTCA helped me believe that I was good enough to be successful, and now I’m going to my dream school!

Lauren Echausse, Penn State MT ’19
Bohan, Cormac - Syracuse Acting

I’ve been asked by many parents if I felt using a group like MTCA was worth it…I’m not sure how we would have faired without it.  MTCA broke this process down into very manageable pieces which really helped us to manage the stress level.  Having a very invested third party involved that was guiding the process allowed me to just be Mom and provide the other supports my son needed, like nutrition and an antibiotic during Unifieds! Most importantly, Cormac felt very prepared and entered the audition process from a real position of strength.

Mary-Catherine Bohan, mother of Cormac Bohan, Syracuse Acting ’19
Laura Leigh Turner

Looking back,  I can’t imagine this experience without my MTCA coaches by my side.  It was their commitment to educating and empowering that allowed me to bring the best ME into the audition room. My coaches taught me more than college audition logistics, they taught me life lessons about being a performing artist that I will take with me to college and beyond.

Laura Leigh Turner, Oklahoma City University MT ’19
Cornell, Miranda - Vassar Drama

As someone who wanted to go into directing, I had no clue who or where to turn to help me prepare for the crazy process of interviewing, monologues, and creating a director’s book. I had a bunch of friends who went to MTCA for musical theatre and acting, so I thought I’d give it a shot, if only for monologue coaching. However, I was paired with a coach that has experience in both acting and directing, and really understood where I was coming from. He ended up helping me with all aspects of my college process, for BA and BFA programs alike.

Miranda Cornell, Vassar Drama ’19
Witty, Caitlin - Webster MT

MTCA made this crazy mess of college auditions a beautiful fulfilling experience. I met some of my very very best friends, grew as an artist and person, and gained so much confidence in myself as an artist and individual thanks to the incredible coaches. I cannot even begin to imagine considering doing this process without them.

Caitlin Witty, Webster MT ’19
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