Expert preparation for college musical theater and acting program auditions.

MTCA draws upon 23 years of experience to guide and support you through the rigorous college acting or musical theatre application and audition process. We work with you to create a personalized coaching plan based on your individual needs and goals. You will receive one-on-one coaching and guidance through the entire process from your own personal team of expert teaching artists.

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It was so great working with MTCA.  The positive and warm support they provide is inexplicably helpful. The network and communication they have with their students provides peer and coach support which gives everyone a sense of self-assurance. All of the wonderful coaches not only help you with your audition material, but your self esteem, too.

Jose Oliveras – Cincinnati-CCM MT ‘17

It is SO important to use materials you love for your auditions. MTCA coaches take time to know you so that they can put all their effort into finding just the right songs and/or monologues for you as an individual, rather than just stereotyping you right away. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with MTCA. :)

Leah Mattfield, Michigan MT ‘17

I want you to know that Brielle was put in the best possible situation to succeed by you and the rest of the MTCA crew. Your advice, expertise and emotional support meant the most to Brielle and our family. You have become an invaluable teacher/mentor to Brielle and without you, we would have been lost.

Al Internoscia, father of Brielle Internoscia, University of the Arts MT ‘17

MTCA has been one of the smartest investments that I have ever made. The coaches not only teach you how to grow as an artist immensely, but develop relationships with you and set you up for success in the college program that best suits you

Zach Campa, Ball State MT ‘17

Our MTCA coaches worked with my daughter tirelessly, easing our fears and anxiety throughout the process, and bringing out the best in her. The coaching, master classes, mock auditions, and dance classes were just what she needed to understand the audition process. My daughter not only got into her top choice school, but had several other great programs to choose from.

Kyla Bennett, mother of Denali Bennett, Ithaca MT ‘17
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